Confirmation of booking

Confirmation of booking is only valid upon receipt of a deposit depending on the type of reservation.


i) Confirmation of availability for specific dates as received from "Dafne" Luxury apartments reservations is not considered as a confirmation to a reservation.
A booking is only confirmed upon receipt of a deposit.
ii) The deposit must be received by "Dafne" Luxury apartments no later than the date as specified by the reservation’s department.
iii) Confirmation of the deposit made should also be forwarded to "Dafne" Luxury apartments reservations by email.

For Payments methods please see here

 Note: Banking transfer costs is charged to the customer



For a cancellation of booking, a refund to the deposit is only given under the following conditions.

0% cancellation fee:
Full refund – When a cancellation to the booking has been made with a minimum of 30 days notice  (from the date of check in) being given to "Dafne" Luxury apartments reservation’s department.

i) 100% of the deposit is refunded.
ii) Accepted notices are either by email.


50% cancellation fee:
A 50% cancellation fee  is charged if a cancellation of the reservation has been  made within the period of 21 days to 30 days, from the date of check in.

i) 50% of the deposit is refunded.
ii) Accepted notices are either by email.


100% cancellation fee:
A 100% cancellation fee is charged when a cancellation of the reservation has been made within 20 days from the date of check in.

i) No refund to the deposit is refunded.


Balance of deposit
The balance to the booking is made at "Dafne" Luxury apartments prior to the departure date.


Check out time 10:30.Clients occupying the room till 18:00 are charged an extra 50% on room rate.After 18:00 a full room rate is paid

I case of cancellation during the stay, a 50% compensation of the remaining days originally agreed is due and payable to the enterprise by the customer.

Mrs Karadimou Vicky
Nikiti, GR-63088, Halkidiki
T: +30 2375022043
M; +30 6983702808
V: +30 6983702808

Good to know

Check-in from 16:00 hours
Check-out until 09:30 hours
Towel change after 3rd day for each person
Bed Sheets change after 3rd day
House keeping in room cleaning after 3rd day
Hosting for Extra person is not allowed

Company Registration

Number: 0938Κ123Κ0572900 0938Κ123Κ0573100

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